Educational and Fun Board  Game for Kids to learn Washington DC playing a taxiab driver

Ages 4 to adult and up to 8 players. Created

by a DC Taxi Driver.


If you’re in the mood for a highly competitive, cult-classic board game, the obvious choice is The Board Tour Game. This Classic Edition of the famous board game has all the original pieces, including money taxicab,  game pieces and more, and it’s sure to be a hit with both new and experienced players.


A refresher on the rules: In Board Tour, two to eight players start at GO, plucking a card and moving around the board to . You can purchase empty properties that you land on, but if someone else owns the space, you have to pay them rent. Get passagers to tour washington Dc major sites and hotels to charge higher cab fares, and don’t forget to collect Tips as you pass by GO! The game is over when you own enough properties to bankrupt all your opponents.


A game of Taxi Tour Board Game usually lasts a few hours, and it can definitely bring out people’s competitive spirit in learning major sites in Washington DC. This all-time favorite family board game deserves a home in every game lover’s collection.


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